OOTD: Summer Trends + Fall Colors = The Perfect Seasonal Transition

If you saw my earlier post An LA Yuppie in Fall, you’d know the seasonal conundrum we’re in here in LA. It’s October, but 95-degree weather is keeping us from the sweaters and boots that the runway and all the stores are telling us to wear. So what to do?

I decided that the best solution would be a mix of summer staples and fall classics. So I put together this fall-tinged nautical outfit!

Fall Colors Summer Trends 1

I started with this lovely mustard/gold v-neck t-shirt from H&M. Their basics collection is 2/$10, all the pieces are high-quality and so soft and the fit is ultra flattering. Best of all, with their fall collection a while ago they also updated the colors of their basics to be more warm, autumn-y colors and less bright and summery.

Rather than pair this navy and white striped skirt (also from the H&M Basics collection) with a white or navy top, as would be expected in the summertime, I decided to mix it up and pair it with this mustard. If you’re careful, blue and yellow can go together – just be careful that the colors somewhat align. In this case, the mustardy yellow color blended well with the dark navy – this wouldn’t work so well with, say, bright yellow and royal blue though.

For day, I paired this outfit with white ballet flats from H&M and called it a day. Fun pattern, fall color, neutral shoes, done deal.

Fall Colors Summer Trends 2

But then I needed to attend a work meeting. So I decided to up the professional AND the nautical factor at once! I switched out the flats for these nude and white rope wedges from Payless to go along with the nautical trend. And before the meeting, I threw on this adorable crisp white cropped blazer from H&M. The white was both nautical and professional and served to tone down the colorful outfit.

I felt put-together and timely/seasonal, without overheating in the LA Indian Summer. #FashionWin.

Giraffe necklace, J.Crew”.


Fall Colors Summer Trends 3

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