OOTD: Super Soft Sweaters

I love super soft sweaters, even though I tend to overheat really quickly in them in the temperate SoCal winters! I try to get a few new sweaters every year that are especially designed for super cold climates.

This year, I was able to rock this beautiful, uber soft black, gray and white sweater in both Lake Arrowhead, California and Paris, France.

Lake Arrowhead was chilly, and I was glad to be prepared with this sweater.

But you don’t know cold until you’ve been in 30-degree European winter! It looks so nice and mild outside but IT’S NOT. And you can layer coats and scarves on top of your super-soft sweater and you STILL won’t be warm.

Luckily for me, the cold in Lake Arrowhead was bearable for me to take cute pics by the lake without a jacket on (for a few minutes, at least).

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