OOTD: Sweet and Sassy

I love mixing items from different “genres” of fashion. For example, girly things with menswear, edgy items with sweet pieces, long sleeves with shorts or miniskirts.

For this look, I mixed sweet (a beige lace top) with sassy (ripped jeans).

The lace top is from Fashion Q, a boutique in Rancho that I love. It’s supposed to be worn off-the-shoulder, but I hate strapless bras. So I wear it with the sleeves on my shoulders and still think it looks cute!

These distressed jeans are from Target. I love that they are work-appropriate, with the rips and tears on the thighs backed by more denim. Because they don’t actually show skin, I still feel professional when I wear them.

These pink and gold ballet flats from Fashion Rush are the best. They’re sweet (baby pink and gold) but also sassy (check out the studs on the toes).

I also added this pretty gold charm necklace from Charlotte Russe. In addition to a fun pink feather, it has diamond and pearl charms, and two flower details.

How do you mix sweet with sassy? Let me know in the comments!

4 Replies to “OOTD: Sweet and Sassy”

  1. I love all the thought you put into each detail of your outfits. And I, too, love to mix genres. My favorite are delicate, feminine dresses with chunky boots.

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