OOTD: Take a Hike

We Angelenos love hiking“. I put hiking in quotes because (most of us) don’t really hike. We like driving to the hills, taking an hour to find parking, then going on a nice walk to somewhere with a view. Hiking in LA is a lot of seeing and being seen. That’s why you won’t find a lot of plain workout gear on the trails. Instead, people are dressed up and looking their best.

I wouldn’t be surprised to find this outfit (maybe minus the scarf) at Runyon Canyon in Hollywood.

I started with basic black yoga pants from Forever 21. As someone who wears yoga pants most days of the week, I don’t have time/money for expensive Lululemon yoga pants that end up being completely sheer. Forever 21 yoga pants are $4 and don’t fade in the wash for a long time.

I love the combination of black with brown. This brown sweater is from Fashion Q, a boutique in Rancho. It’s super-soft and keeps me warm.

These “hiking boots” are really faux fur and suede heels from Payless Shoesource. That’s why you can only wear them on a trendy/touristy LA hike, not an actual LA hike like in Malibu or the Santa Monica Mountains. Seriously. Don’t fall and break your leg.

This brown and beige scarf is from Charming Charlie.

Being that this is a workout outfit, I kept accessories simple. This gold “B” necklace is from Ettika and my silver “T” ring is from Tiffany’s.

What do you wear to look cute on the trails? Let me know in the comments!

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