OOTD: The French Do It Better

The French have a reputation for being impeccably dressed. Of course this is a stereotype/overgeneralization, but it is true that the French culture plays a huge role in the fashion world. From today’s Paris Fashion Week to the old couture houses, the French have made looking good a science.

2016-06-27 21.37.12

This outfit makes me feel very Parisian. For starters, black and white stripes are very stereotypically French. The angular cut on this Forever 21 black and white crop top is also slightly funky, like something a French girl would wear.

2016-06-27 21.36.44

This (pleather) leather miniskirt from Forever 21 also makes me think of France. French girls are so cool with their leather skirts, jackets and boots. They’re unafraid to rock the edgy look for everyday. I paired this skirt with my favorite black moto wedge boots from Payless. Black pleather ankle boots add the perfect amount of edge to any outfit, no matter how sweet and girly.

2016-06-27 21.36.09

I stuck to classic sterling silver for jewelry. This heart necklace and silver double right-hand ring are both from Tiffany’s (very French-inspired in itself). My silver left-hand ring is from Wanderlust + Co.

How do you dress like a French girl? Let me know in the comments!

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