OOTD: Washington Layers

Being in SoCal, I’ve never really had to dress in layers. Most of the time, if it’s cold, wearing a sweater and jeans is more than enough. You can get too hot if you put a jacket on over that!

I’ve also hated hiding my cute blouses and outfits with jackets.

For a trip to Seattle in April, it was necessary to wear layers. So I decided that, rather than hide my cute outfits under jackets, I would make the jackets the cute outfit!

I started with this beautiful beige suede jacket, then looked in my closet for what would look good underneath it. This solid sage sweater was the perfect shirt – fitting so it wasn’t too tight in the arms once I put the jacket on, and wouldn’t detract from the jacket.

I was also able to take the jacket off and have a nice sweater on underneath.

I played up the focus on the jacket by wearing light brown suede booties as well.

Do you wear layers? What are your tips & tricks? Let me know in the comments!

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