OOTD: Zyia Active

As a white woman nearing fall, it’s time that I talk about yoga pants.

But all stereotypes aside, yoga pants are so crucial for so many reasons. They are slimming. They make your butt look fabulous. They are super comfortable. They go with just about anything these days.

Oh, and you can also use them to work out.

I’ve been a couch potato for the last 5 years, so purchasing “leggings” from Forever 21 and calling them yoga pants was just fine for the 3 days a year that I actually moved my body. Now that I’m starting to get in shape, and figuring out what exercise routines and schedules work for me, I’ve been at a loss for where to find cute, flattering and affordable athletic gear.

My new exercise regimen involves walking on the treadmill at home, and hitting spin and yoga classes at the studio when I can. So I’m not in need of any crazy top-tier athletic brand high-performance crap. I want cute and functional fitness wear at a reasonable price.

That’s where Zyia Active comes in. This lifestyle brand sells yoga pants, running shorts, sports bras, running jackets and athletic tops.

I wore the Cobalt Light n Tight Hi-Rise leggings to Fox’s on the Colorado River one rainy, stormy day in Parker, Arizona. With the thunder, lightning and rain all around, I wasn’t going to get to do any workouts. But these pants kept me warm, felt amazing and comfy, and made my ass look bootylicious.

Even random strangers on the dock were jealous of my Zyia yoga pants.

Now that I’ve worn these pants to the yoga studio too many times (aka been seen in them too many times), I’m shopping for new styles. Luckily, there are tons of colorful pants to choose from, from”Bumble Bee” to “Joker”, ” Spring Fever”, “Royal Shine” and more.

Shop my yoga pants here.

Disclosure: I received these products complimentary for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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