OOTN: Black for the Holidays

This blog is about wearing black for the holidays? wait, what?? But your post yesterday was literally about how to wear festive green for Christmas!! (You whisper incredulously and look at me like I’m an idiot).

Well, life is all about balance, right?? When everything around you is cheery and bright and red and green and colorful, what’s wrong with a little sleek black to even it all out?

This past weekend, my girlfriends and I went bar-hopping in Downtown Hermosa Beach. The bars right by the pier were all decked out for the holidays. Even the railings were decorated with bows, and there’s nothing like the Downtown Hermosa Christmas Tree!

Bar patrons were even wearing Ugly Sweaters, adorable holiday dresses and fun onesies/winter jammies. And here I was all decked out in a black lace blouse, black vegan leather leggings and black suede high-ankle booties.

But I didn’t feel left out at all, because black goes with everything, and for every occasion.

What do you prefer for the holidays? Traditional red, green and metallics? Or sleek black? Let me know in the comments!

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