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This past weekend, Ramsay and I threw a housewarming party to celebrate our new apartment in Mar Vista! After 2 weeks of moving, unpacking, shopping, building furniture and decorating, we finally felt like we could take a breather and have our friends over. So many people came to celebrate with us and we had a blast!

Choosing the perfect outfit was hard for me. I love dressing up at night, but didn’t want to be overly glam at a party where I knew there would be a few guys in jeans. I also wanted to look pretty and sexy, like the hostess of the night, without overdoing it. Also, since we have a strict no-shoes policy in our new apartment, it was hard for me to find the perfect outfit (often I start with what shoes I want to wear and then plan an outfit from there).

Moustaching it out with my best friend Brooklynn
Moustaching it out with my best friend Brooklynn.

I opted for a simple black and white outfit. This short-sleeve black crop top from Forever 21 is one of my favorite shirts. The sleeves are flattering on my arms, I look booby but not too much and the top hits at the skinniest part of my stomach (best yet, it was less than $10). I paired it with a white high-waisted ruched skirt from Fashion Rush Clothing. The tightness of the skirt and just the sliver of midsection it revealed jived well with its knee-length size. And I love black and white together – so classic!

Besides finding it necessary to avoid people holding red wine all night, due to the white skirt, I think this outfit worked out really well! Best of all, I felt comfortable, like I was clearly the hostess and it photographed well.

What do you wear when you have guests over? Do you go full-on I’m-cooking-so-I’m-wearing-an-apron, glam it up, or somewhere in the middle?

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Host and hostess with the mostest
Host and hostess with the mostest


Skirt twins
Skirt twins


The best way to accessorize this outfit is with a pink and silver feather boa
The best way to accessorize this outfit is with a pink and silver feather boa.


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