OOTN: Orange Crush

I LOVE the color orange. Sadly, I don’t often see orange clothes in stores. I love the way the color looks on me. It’s so bright and happy. It also brings out the yellow undertones in my skin, making me look tan, healthy and glowy.


When I found this bright orange dress at Charlotte Russe, I just had to have it. I love everything about it. The cut is so flattering, the chest is sexy, the fabric is thick and high-quality, the length is short but not too short where you’re uncomfortable and pulling the dress down all day long.


Unfortunately, this dress is designed for women with much smaller boobs, or those lucky women who have naturally perky boobs and don’t need bras to look great. I am not either of those things, so the cutouts in the front of the dress were tricky for me to figure out. What I did was wear this hot pink/purple/orange bikini top from Victoria’s Secret underneath the dress instead of a bra. Most of the bikini top is covered by the dress. Only part of the string on either side of the chest area still shows. The similar colors help it blend in a bit. It’s still a little obvious, though, so I make sure to wear this dress at night only in places where it’s not tacky to have a bathing suit on (Cabo, beach towns, etc.).


These brown wedges from Payless add some sex appeal, as well as some height and a whole lot of comfort (I had to buy them in black, too, they are so comfy to wear!).


Because the front of the dress his its own funky design, I didn’t want to overwhelm the look with a necklace or bracelet. This gold ring is from Forever 21.


How do you rock orange? Let me know in the comments!

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