OOTN: Paint the Town Red

There’s just something about red. For some reason, every woman looks sexier in red. It compliments every skin tone, every hair color and makes everyone look fancier and more sensual. I don’t always feel confident in eye-turning head-to-toe red, but it is fun to mix in pieces of red here and there.

2016-02-17 22.39.57

This red miniskirt is from Forever 21. It caught my eye because of the color, but also because of the cut – high waisted to be able to wear crop tops with it, and short enough to show off my legs. I also like the slinky material.

2016-02-17 22.39.12

Because black and red go so well together, I paired the skirt with my favorite high-neck crop top from Forever 21. This top is so flattering. Usually I don’t like to show my arms, but the way the shirt is cut makes my arms look thin and toned. The high-neck trend is another one of my favorite trends.

2016-02-17 22.38.39

Black suede stiletto ankle booties are the perfect addition. Ankle booties hit higher on the ankle than stappy heels, flats or sandals, so they seem more covered up when you have a super-short skirt on. I also love how the suede texture compliments the fabrics of the crop top and skirt.

2016-02-17 22.37.44

For jewelry, I opted for this black and gold statement necklace from Perry Street, which arrived in one of my very first Rocksbox sets. This necklace really classes up the otherwise pretty-clubby outfit, and also makes it a lot more fancier/nighttime.

How do you mix in pieces of red? Let me know in the comments!

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