OOTN: Sequins on Sequins on Sequins

What do I like to pair with sequins? Well, more sequins, of course!

I saw this black and silver sequin blazer in a sponsored Facebook ad on my feed – GOD THEY GET ME EVERY TIME – and instantly bought it. Unfortunately for me, it was from a company that had “Paris” in its name but actually shipped from China?

Two months later my blazer arrived and I was in love! Around the same time, my brand-new black sequin pumps from Sam Edelman arrived and I figured, why not?

For my pre-birthday dinner with Sean, I paired the sequin blazer with a plain black flowy blouse, black pants and my sequin pumps. I was a bit overdressed for a family-owned Italian restaurant in Old Town Temecula, but hey, when you’re the birthday girl, there’s nothing wrong with being a little extra!

Do you wear sequins? What do you pair sequin embellished items with? Let me know in the comments!

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