OOTN: Sexy and Sheer

As someone who goes out a lot on the weekends (and posts a lot of photos), cute, flattering cocktail dresses are an essential. And you need to rotate them in and out, so that (God forbid) you aren’t photographed in one too many times!

Sheer front dress 1

Forever 21 is my go-to store for sexy night attire. The prices are so affordable that you can easily drop $16 on a dress, wear it a few times and then put it away for a year until people forget about it.

Sheer front dress 2

I got this black dress the other day and fell in love with the sheer front. I often can’t wear dresses with sheer panels or cutouts, because I simply cannot get away with not wearing a bra. But I liked that this dress was much more covered. In a dark-colored Victoria’s Secret bra, just the front band of the bra showed in the dress, which I don’t think looks bad. Best of all, the tank style of the dress means I can wear the bra without the straps showing!

Sheer front dress 3
I paired the dress with my favorite black suede wedges from Payless. Usually I’d add a necklace, but since the neckline of this dress is already so busy, I decided to do without and keep the focus on the dress!

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