OOTN: Sheer Panel Dress

I LOVE dresses with cut-outs and sheer panels, especially if the dress is black. It’s so easy to design a regularly-shaped dress, or a simple LBD. Little accents really make the dress a standout piece and make you look different from the rest of the crowd when you’re out and about at night!

Sheer panel dress 4

This dress from Forever 21 caught my eye. It has a simple, straight, form-fitting shape and is black. But the sheer panels in the front really make it a unique piece. There are a lot of dresses out there with sheer plunge fronts (see my post HERE), but the sheer panels here are funky and oddly placed. I was intrigued!

Sheer panel dress 3

This kind of dress can be difficult to wear, due to the fact that the sheer “slashes” go right where your bra goes. Luckily, a nude bra solves this problem! It’s almost imperceptible underneath the sheer panels, and it allows me to wear the dress without worrying about skipping a bra.

Sheer panel dress 2Since the dress already makes a statement, I skipped accessories. I paired the dress with my favorite black suede platform heels from Payless Shoesource and voila! A fun twist on the classic LBD night out outfit.


Sheer panel dress 1

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