OOTN: Sparkly Silver Made Subtle

As we get older, there are less and less opportunities to wear sparkly clothes. And what a shame that is! Shiny objects are the best, after all.

Silver glitter dress

I got this dress/long tunic/not sure what it is from Goodwill when I was at USC, going to themed frat parties all the time and getting to wear whatever I wanted. I used to pair this dress with sparkly silver heels and silver jewelry and silver glitter on my eyes. Because college.

Silver glitter dress 3

Now, however, I would definitely need some kind of themed occasion to get away with that. So instead, I toned down the look with these matte silver grommeted flats from American Eagle. They are still fun with the grommet details, but are more subtle than the dress. And I skipped wearing jewelry (except for the silver Tiffany’s double band ring I wear every single day) to keep the focus on the glittery dress.

Silver glitter dress 2

How do you keep your fun personal style while still dressing your age? Let me know in the comments!


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