OOTN: The Perfect LBD

Every girl is constantly on the search for that perfect Little Black Dress (LBD). An LBD is your solution to all outfit woes. It’s your go-to for any event, from a date to a work event to a shitshow party to a classy night out to a funeral. It’s that dress you reach for when you want to look hot and confident but don’t have the time or energy to plan out an outfit. It’s your LBD!

Three years ago I found my perfect LBD at Forever 21. I was shopping for a dress for New Year’s Eve in Vegas and I was so incredibly broke. I really only had the money to buy one dress, for NYE itself. I tried on this black long-sleeved dress and it was perfect – everything I’d ever hoped for! But because it was simple and not sparkly I didn’t buy it for NYE. And I have regretted that day ever since.

This dress is not that LBD of my dreams, but it is pretty darn close. It is also from Forever 21, with” sleeves and a zipper up the back. The black material is nice, not cotton, but it is very versatile. I wore this dress to a party we had for a client for work and I felt confident all night long!


Black Long-Sleeved Dress 1


These suede platform wedges are my favorite shoes I own. They’re from Payless and I will wear them into the ground and then cry when I can’t wear them anymore because they are so perfect and comfy and flattering. Every girl needs a go-to pair of black heels, in addition to the go-to LBD.

Black Long-Sleeved Dress 3

Last but not least, I accessorized the dress with this beautiful dainty silver bracelet that a friend got for me in India. It’s sterling silver and so elegant. I like that wearing a bracelet instead of a necklace means the neckline of the dress is not detracted from.

Black Long-Sleeved Dress 2

And there you have it! Black on black for any occasion. I hope YOU find the LBD of your dreams too, if you haven’t already!

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