OOTN: We Be Clubbin’

Time for a TMI and first world problem. My boobs are too large for most going-out dresses. I.e.most going-out and cocktail dresses are strapless, or spaghetti strap, or thin tank top, or have weird cutouts, or a low back, or no back, or any number of things that are not conducive to wearing a bra. The only problem is, I absolutely need a bra with underwire and straps (no strapless bra frauds here) for support.

2015-09-02 20.11.57

This white dress at Forever 21 instantly caught my eye. I loved it, but I figured it would be just like all the other thousands of cocktail dresses I try on and promptly toss aside. With the low front and the side cutouts it seemed inevitable that I wouldn’t be able to wear a bra with it, a.k.a. wear it at all.

2015-09-02 20.13.27

But I was pleasantly surprised! This dress fits almost perfectly, AND I can wear a bra with it! A few safety pins here and there and voila – I can dress just like any other Forever 21 model or consumer in their sexy low-cut cutout whatever-the-hell dresses!

2015-09-02 20.13.53

Not only did this dress fit, but it makes my boobs look quite nice, if I do say so myself. I added this long gold necklace from Forever 21 to help draw the eye to them. The triangle shape hits just at my cleavage, catching the eye. And the long gold chain draws the eye down to my waist and hips, and in my mind at least, makes me look taller (yay). #PlayingWithProportions.

2015-09-02 20.14.22

These nude and gold wedges from Target complement the dress completely. The nude color fits with the white dress, and the gold zipper matches the gold necklace. This gold cuff ring from Gorjana also fits the bill for funky gold jewelry that doesn’t detract from the main attraction, the dress.

2015-09-02 20.14.52

This dress is so scandalous that I would never imagine wearing it to dinner or a bar. The only place it seems like a good fit is a club, and everyone knows I hate clubs.

2015-09-02 20.15.31

However, I did wear it to Pearl’s Liquor Bar and Bar 53, the new Playboy club in West Hollywood. I was probably a little overdressed, but you know what? I felt amazing. Hooray for scandalous little dresses you can wear a bra with.

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