Pampered Pets: Solid Gold Pet Food

Everyone knows my Maltese puppy Marshmallow is a spoiled, pampered pooch. He was already a total rude brat from the moment we brought him home at 8 weeks, so don’t blame my spoiling him on his attitude. However, Sean and I totally do spoil Marshmallow with every aspect of his existence.

Marsh eats Ollie, a food delivery service that delivers fresh, human-grade food full of meat, potatoes and vegetables to your door. Yes, his meal plan costs almost as much as mine.

However, dog owners know that, while soft food is fine for dogs, it absolutely cannot be the only form of food they eat. They also need hard food, as well as hard/chewy treats and toys, to keep their teeth and jaw healthy and strong.

But if you read the news, on any given day, there is a recall on dog food. How do you know what kibble to buy, when all the kibbles out there are chock-full of chemicals, are definitely NOT human-grade (not that you would want to eat it anyway) and are subject to safety concerns, including the death of innocent pets?

I found Solid Gold Pet food, and am stoked on their holistic and natural message. They believe in creating pet food that is not only delicious for your dog or cat, but good for them as well.

Marshmallow tried out the Solid Gold Mighty Mini line, designed for toy & small breed dogs like him. He loved the lamb, sweet potato and cranberry recipe. In fact, I had to hustle with our photo shoot because otherwise he would have devoured the whole entire bowl of kibble had I given him the time!

Best yet, Mighty Mini is grain free and gluten free, and is made for dogs of all life stages – no guesswork needed of when you dog no longer needs “puppy” nutrition, or finding the right product for the nutrition he needs at various ages.

My favorite part is that the kibble is shaped like hearts – too cute!

Solid Gold also offers wet food, nutritional supplements and treats. When Marsh finishes this bag, I want him to try the other flavors, like salmon, turkey and chicken.

See more adorable pics of Marshmallow on his Instagram, @MarshmallowMaltese!”

What is your dog’s favorite kibble? Let me know in the comments!

Disclosure: I received this product complimentary for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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