Shameless Foodie: Bouquet at Ponte Vineyard Inn

Brunch isn’t as huge a deal here in the Inland Empire as it is in LA, but there are some great gems for sure.

One such example is Bouquet Restaurant at Ponte Vineyard Inn. There are only a few wineries with full restaurants, but for some reason, I hadn’t explored Bouquet yet.

My husband and I headed to Bouquet (which is located at the Ponte Vineyard Inn – not the Ponte Winery) on a triple date with some friends who were just passing through town.

We were stoked to see delicious appetizers like a soft cheese board, complete with freshly baked bread and fresh fruit, and hummus with purple, orange and yellow carrots on the menu. After all, brunch should be about way more than traditional breakfast foods!

And normally, I order off the more brunch-y lunch menu when out at brunch, since I’m not a big fan of breakfast foods. But Bouquet has a make-your-own omelette section. And when I saw asparagus on the menu, I just had to make my own omelette! There’s just nothing like an omelette with asparagus (and onions and cheddar cheese).

Typically breakfast places treat potatoes as a greasy one-pan afterthought, which is really a shame. But not Bouquet. These sliced potatoes were to die for.

We left so fat and happy and itching to return!

Disclosure: I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are my own.

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