Shameless Foodie: Fred’s Mexican Cafe

There’s no better place to find authentic Mexican food (besides Mexico, of course) than near the border. San Diego is known for its delicious and authentic Mexican restaurants.

Most of the best ones are clustered in Old Town San Diego, which was the first (White) settlement in California, founded in 1769. In California, we don’t have much “old” history, as opposed to Europe where buildings can date back centuries upon centuries, so Old Town is a great place to visit if you’re into history!

My favorite Mexican restaurant in Old Town San Diego is Fred’s Mexican Cafe. It’s not the most thrilling name, but you’ll be absolutely thrilled when you see your burrito come out and it’s the size of your face.

I prefer Fred’s green sauce!

Not only does Fred’s offer amazing burritos, which are massive and come with both red & green sauces, but they have an extensive menu of both delicious food and strong margaritas.

My favorite part about Fred’s though (besides the fact that they serve Coke and not Pepsi like the rest of God-forsaken San Diego) is that they are the only dog-friendly restaurant in Old Town! Dogs are not only welcome on the patio, but catered to. There is a separate dog menu so that your furry family member can enjoy their meal with you!

Marsh loves to come here and eat yummy food while being fawned over by the restaurant staff and patrons.

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