Shameless Foodie: La Unica

I want to share my favorite Mexican food place in the world with y? all, because I love you and want the best for you and your taste buds, but I don’t want to share because I like how fast I can get in and out, and I don’t want there to be a massive line/crowd!

However, my desire to have this place stay in business with as many loyal and happy customers as possible wins out, so let me tell you about La Unica.

La Unica serves up THE best Mexican food in the area. Located on Main Street in Lake Elsinore, it’s not the most convenient place to find parking for but they do offer takeout.

I could eat La Unica potato tacos every day for the rest of my life. Crisp, greasy fried potatoes in a perfectly fried tortilla shell, topped with cold tomatoes, cabbage and cheese? what is not to love? Since getting my braces on, I’ve asked for soft tortilla shells instead. Despite being warned the tacos wouldn’t be good, La Unica couldn’t ruin tacos if they tried.

The rice at La Unica is my second favorite (behind my Dad’s homemade Spanish rice). It’s made the authentic way, with peas and carrots, and is always fluffy and delicious. La Unica offers pinto beans and black beans, all made without lard, to be totally vegetarian-friendly.

Everything I’ve tried here has been amazing. My fianc? especially loves the Cheese Mole Enchiladas. The Mole here is very good but vey spicy. The menu has many vegetarian options. Unfortunately, I crave these potato tacos every single day and so I can’t bear to get around to trying the rest of the items.

I do love the blended strawberry margaritas, though, and if the food serving sizes weren’t so large I would drink more than a few with my meal.

So check out La Unica and tell your friends? but not too many friends? because right now I can call for takeout and my order will be ready in 15 minutes or less and I really like that.

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