Shameless Foodie: The Bank

Having grown up on delicious homemade Mexican food, I’m incredibly picky when it comes to Mexican restaurants. One place that consistently delivers delicious and relatively authentic food is The Bank, located in Old Town Temecula.

The Bank is located in a historic building, built in the thirties, which saw a bank robbery, the Great Depression and WWII. It’s neat to dine amongst the history.

The best part about The Bank is that they cater to vegetarians and vegans as well. I love ordering the Beyond Tacos – which taste so much like ground beef that I’ve actually had to verify with the chef that they were vegetarian!

Their pinto beans are vegetarian too, so you don’t have to order the obligatory vegetarian black beans. And the rice and margaritas are tasty too! Plus a patio makes for great Old Town people-watching.

Disclosure: I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are my own.

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