Shameless Foodie: The Pizza Press

Pizza is one of my favorite foods (because I am human, and pizza is on every human’s favorite food list).

However, once I tried cheese pizza with ricotta added to it, I have been totally unable to go back to any other kind of pizza!

That’s why I like trying pizza places that let me customize my order. The Pizza Press is one such “build it your own way” place a la Chipotle, 800 Degrees, etc.

The only bad thing about The Pizza Press is that they will listen to whatever you want to do. So when you say “add three times as much ricotta” they do. And then your pizza is pretty heavy and soggy and honestly not that great. “Have it your way” indeed.

I can’t wait to go back and build a better ricotta cheese pizza!

They also have a great beer list and several taps.

What do you put on your customized pizzas? Let me know in the comments.

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