Shameless Foodie: Trattoria Mollie Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is a great destination for wine-lovers to sample the best wine the California Central Coast has to offer. It’s also the home of delicious restaurants and authentic Mexican food.

Sean and I visited a friend for dinner, who suggested we try the newest addition to State Street (the Main Street of restaurants, bars & shops in SB).

When visiting Trattoria Mollie‘s website, the first thing you see is Chef Mollie in a photo with President Obama. Then you read about how Chef Mollie was featured on Oprah’s Show and in ?O? Magazine, and recognized by National Geographic. Sold, sold & sold!

I don’t really have words to describe how amazing the pizza was at Trattoria Mollie because I think I lost consciousness at some point. Mozzarella cheese, tomatoes and basil never tasted so decadent, so buttery, so creamy and satisfying. Luer and Sean felt the same way about their dishes, and our”catch-up? dinner turned into the three of us sitting there in a stupor, a combination of food coma and amazement at how such simple Italian food could taste so amazing.

I am sorry I do not have more details to share. I will be going again the next chance I get, but I do not have high hopes that I won’t also black out in a fat and happy stupor next time, too. You’ll just have to try Trattoria Mollie for yourself!

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