Best of Beauty: Lanc’me #LookMeInMyLashes

Very recently, I’ve started getting into makeup. I’ve never been a hair or makeup girl. I love clothes, as is evident by the very existence of my blog. But hair and makeup have always been an after-thought.
I’m not a natural talent at makeup. I have a shaky hand and I can’t make a winged eyeliner design to save my life. I’ve also never been motivated enough to be the girl who goes on YouTube and watches makeup tutorials and practices at home on her own. I’m busy, man!
But the more I do my makeup and play with new products, the more excited I’ve been getting about beauty. I’m learning what looks good on me and what doesn’t, and how to get my makeup routine down pat (especially at red lights in my car on the way to work – sleep is #1 with me).
That’s why I was so excited to receive the Lanc’me VoxBox from Influenster! If there’s any beauty brand that truly knows what they’re doing, it’s Lanc’me.
I’m getting real tired of cheap, scratchy eyeliner that goes on crooked and scratches up my eyelids. I’m obsessed with anti-aging and not getting wrinkles around my eyes, and pulling on my eyelids to try to make a smooth eyeliner line is NOT conducive to that strategy.
The black and purple Drama Liqui-Pencil eyeliners from Lanc’me are amazing. They glide on so smoothly. They truly do look like liquid eyeliner, with the convenience of a pencil (and suitable for my skill level – I could NOT pull off liquid eyeliner).
Every day I wear black eyeliner with gold eyeshadow, nude eye highlighter and black mascara to work. I use NYX dark circle concealer under my eyes to pretend I’m awake and well-rested Here I decided to mix it up with the black?Lanc’me Drama Liqui-Pencil, Maybelline New York Eye Chrome liquid eyeshadow in Khaki Kool,Lanc’me Definicils Mascara and?Lanc’me Visionnaire Yeux Eye On Correction cream.
My VoxBox also came with Lanc’me Drama Liqui-Pencil eyeliner in purple. I kept this look simple with the eyeliner and mascara, and Maybelline New York Color Tattoo 24 concentrated crayon in Barely Beige as both eyeshadow and highlighter (nail polish is Kylie Jenner‘s Trend Matters collection for Sinful Colors).
I love these eyeliners, and they’re perfect for an everyday look or to make a bold statement.
The Lanc’me Definicils Mascara was a different story, though. The mascara is great at lengthening lashes, that’s for sure. The only problem is I have super-long lashes already – I just have like, 5 of them. I rely on mascara that is voluminizing, filling in my lash line, rather than only lengthening. I looked like a super-scary witch with this mascara on. I’ll save you from nightmares and not include a photo here.
I was pleasantly surprised by the Lanc’me Bi-Facial Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover. I always use cleansing makeup wipes to take off my makeup at the end of the day for several reasons. One is that I use makeup all over my face, not just on my eyes. The other reason is that liquid eye makeup remover ALWAYS burns my eyes! No matter how careful I am not to get the liquid in my eyes, I always do, and it burns like hell and makes me scared for my vision. Not this remover though. Not only was it safe and gentle on my eyes, but it was really effective. My eye makeup came off and I didn’t have to scrub (and we all know scrubbing my eyes would make me terrified of wrinkles).
All in all, my foray into luxury makeup was super fun. What is your favorite makeup brand? Let me know in the comments!”
Disclosure: I received these products complimentary for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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