Best of Beauty: Skylar Fragrances

It’s so hard to find a signature scent these days. Perfume samples in magazines, spraying on 100 scents at Ulta, asking for recommendations from friends – how do people even find theirs?

What if you could take an online quiz and find out?

Fragrance company Skylar has done just that, designing a personality quiz to tell you which one of their 4 natural perfumes is right for you.

Is your ideal fragrance:

Fruity, floral and flirty (Coral)?
Spicy, warm and seductive (Arrow)?
Floral, elegant and beautiful (Meadow)?
Clean, dewy and fresh (Isle)?

I tried out Coral. Just one spray on the inside of my wrists and the scent lasted all day! I was so surprised. I usually use Victoria’s Secret Pure Seduction body spray, and even if I reapply 10 times the scent still disappears so quickly.

Best of all, Skylar’s perfumes include natural ingredients sourced from around the world, including bergamot from Italy, jasmine from India, rose from Morocco and organic sugar cane alcohol from Oregon.

You can shop Coral (or any of the other scents) HERE. Use code SKYLARLOVE for 10% off!

Disclosure: I received this product complimentary for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

2 Replies to “Best of Beauty: Skylar Fragrances”

  1. I have not tried this perfume line but as a natural perfumer and I mean when I say natural I mean natural. Not synthetic. There are so many natural perfumers in the world that use the word natural as a way to deceive you. If you put on a very real natural scent and it lasts all day then it is clearly not natural. It is a synthetic. There are such things as “natural isolates” they start out from a natural substance but then are synthesized in a lab. Places like Whole Foods and other natural grocery stores will carry these things and they clearly are not natural. A natural fragrance comes from an essential oil or an absolute or concrete. Otherwise you are completely deceived.

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