Current Obsession: Sophie Harper Pave V Necklace

2015-05-17 20.30.50The gold chain is short and tiny and the sparkles are awesome, but also very understated.2015-05-17 20.29.31

However, this necklace had two strikes against it from the start. For one, I don’t often wear gold, so I had to get creative to find outfits I could wear it with. Second, the chain is sooooo short. The necklace hits really high up on me, to the point where it almost looks like a choker! Most of my clothes are a bit lower-cut. But then the necklace looks awkward because there’s simply too much space/skin between the end of the necklace and the top of my neckline.2015-05-17 20.34.06

I think this necklace would look best with a high-neck dress or top. Here, I paired it with a low-cut paisley print spaghetti strap dress from Fashion Rush and gold Forever 21 sunnies for a lunch on Rodeo Drive and I think the length is a bit too awkward. However, I do like how dainty and feminine it is. With some strategic planning I think I’ll be able to rock this gem. :)2015-05-17 20.30.50

This necklace normally retails for $40, but if you’re a Rocksbox member, you can purchase it for just $32! Not a Rocksbox member? Use my exclusive code diariesofadomesticdivaxoxo to get your first month free!

Disclosure: I received three months free of Rocksbox. However, all opinions are my own.

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