OOTD: Maxi Dresses and Beach Breezes

You’re probably all tired of reading about how much I love the flowy nature of high-low maxi and midi dresses – I feel like all my recent outfit posts are about that topic!

However, I have a caveat to add? high-low maxi and midi dresses with SLIPS underneath!

I purchased a really cute maxi dress in 3 colors from a store that shall not be named (ok it was Lulus), and there are only the two swoops of fabric. That’s it. That means when I take a very big step, or when a small breeze comes, POOF! I’ve flashed everyone in the vicinity.

Seriously, what is UP with that??? I appreciate flowy maxi and midi dresses that provide that extra layer of fabric underneath – a shorter dress, or a slip, if you will, to avoid that fashion faux pas.

I wore this white floral maxi dress on a day trip to Coronado Island and despite beach breezes, did not flash anyone, thanks to a white layer built into the dress. It’s how we got this super-cute family photo in which I pose happily, and am not frantically trying to hold my dress down, a la Marilyn Monroe on a street grate.

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