OOTD: Not Your Grandmother’s Crochet

Long gone are the days when crochet was for blankets that your grandmother knitted you, or for clothes that screamed born before WWII. Now, crochet can be found in short-shorts, halter tops, sweaters and more, and it’s a fun way to stay warm and be creative with layers – since crochet lets your other clothing layers show through.

2016-05-03 01.24.03

My friend Sarah gifted me this white crochet sweater and my mind started racing with all the creative outfits I could make with it. My favorite outfit has been the all-black, head-to-toe blackout ensemble with this shocking white top layer. It seems super sophisticated yet casual, adult yet 80s-teen, to me.

2016-05-03 01.24.30

To create this look, I tossed on the crochet sweater over a black Forever 21 camisole tucked into black Forever 21 yoga pants. Together, these two items will set you back less than $5 at Forever 21. Man, I love mixing and matching basics!

2016-05-03 01.25.01

These black wedge ankle booties are from Payless. For a seamless look, make sure you add black socks and tuck in the yoga pants to your boots. For a DGAF/80s look, you can pull the yoga pants up higher and show a flash of ankle. It’s not”floods, it’s hip…or so I tell myself.

2016-05-03 01.25.41

I wanted the shocking black and white contrast to be the focus of the outfit, so I kept jewelry to a minimum. I wore my everyday silver Tiffany’s double-band ring on my right hand. On my left hand, I added this super-funky cat ring from Meowingtons. This ring is so fun. It has a cat with emerald-green sphinx eyes wrapped around your finger in a ring. I love wearing it with otherwise simple outfits so I can make a bold statement.

2016-05-03 01.26.25

How do you wear crochet and make it still look 2016? Let me know in the comments!

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