OOTD: #TeamNoPants

I HATE HATE HATE wearing pants. Anyone who sees me regularly will start to notice that I almost never wear pants. I own one pair of normal jeans, one pair of awesome light-wash high-waisted 80s mom jeans, a pair of gray legging pants and many pairs of black liquid leather leggings (not sure if those really count as pants though). I just hate the constricting way that pants make my legs feel – so suffocating.

When it gets cold and rainy outside, though, my no pants stance can get tough. How to stay warm and dry without giving in to Pants?

Blue Long-sleeved dress 3

I love these long-sleeved knit dresses from Forever 21. I own this dress in blue, maroon and black. The soft jersey material is double-layered, meaning it keeps me warm. The long sleeves are tight, keeping my arms cozy and not letting cold air in.

Blue Long-Sleeved Dress 1

To up the warmth factor, I added knee-high boots from Fashion Rush. It’s amazing how tall boots can keep your legs just as warm as pants do (and the socks you wear with the boots help too).

Blue long-sleeved dress 2

Last but not least, I included this blue and white summer scarf from Fashion Rush. This is a summer scarf for sure, full of gauzy soft material. It is NOT intended for warmth. But wrapped around my neck a few times, the scarf does keep me warm, and is a super-cute way to accessorize to boot.

Blue long-sleeved dress 4

Other members of #TeamNoPants: How do you keep warm in winter without giving in to Pants? Let me know in the comments!

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