OOTN: Belted Dresses Are Cool Again

Belted dresses (and shirts, skirts & waist belts) remind me so much of the early 2000s when we were belting EVERYTHING to show off those svelte waists.

The look has returned, only it’s not so arbitrary anymore. There are RULES now.

For example, we’re not belting just anything – especially tight dresses. We’re only belting loose, flowy dresses that could use some figure-flattering DIRECTION.

We’re also not belting any dresses where doing so would make the dress hike up and be way too short. Nope, we’re leaving these Fashion Fails in the 90s and 00s where they belong.

This hunter green open-sleeve flowy dress is beautiful, but a little too big for me. I feel like I’m swimming in it. So, I added this brown leather belt and voila! I have figure again!

Of course, we have to coordinate our belt with our shoes, but we can’t be TOO matchy-matchy. I opted for these nude / light brown peep toe booties, rather than a shade of brown that would match the belt, for coordination without cloning.

A nude foldover clutch and some funky gold jewelry, and the look is ready to go!

What do you think of belted dresses? Are you Stannng them, or leaving them back in the past? Let me know in the comments!

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