Shameless Foodie: Barley Brothers Brewery Havasu

There’s no place I love more than the river – it’s my soul’s happy place. Unfortunately, it is not my stomach’s happy place. Apparently in Havasu & Parker, no one has heard of vegetarian food, or healthy food, for that matter. As a result, I end up living off grilled cheese sandwiches from Havasu Springs Resort (delicious, but fattening!).

So when I discovered that there was a brewery RIGHT SMACK DAB in the middle of Lake Havasu channel, with docks for your boat and everything, I was so happy.

But not as happy as my stomach was once I tried it out for myself. Not only does Barley Brothers Restaurant & Brewery have an amazing craft beer selection, but their menu is on point as well.

I’m absolutely obsessed with Jake’s Cheese Fondue, described as”a tasty blend of European cheeses served with broccoli florets and breadsticks for dipping”. My boyfriend and I filled up on this so much that we didn’t even want our delicious Caesar salads when they arrived.

Barley Brothers also offers other decadent foods, like tomato and basil bruschetta, lobster mac n cheese, burgers, steak, grilled vegetables, salmon, pasta and Barley Bros’ specialty, wood-fired pizzas.

Beyond the food, Barley Brothers has a great atmosphere. You can sit by the window in air conditioning and admire the view of Lake Havasu Channel, while enjoying a “Fuzzy Hef” (Barley Bros’ Hefeweizen with peach schnapps and orange juice). The bar is also a fun place to be.

I highly recommend checking this brewery out this summer!

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