Shameless Foodie: ChaBones Steakhouse

When going to the river, food is not something that I really get excited about. As a vegetarian in a VERY working-class, white border town, my options are usually grilled cheese, French fries and more grilled cheese.

So when my fianc? and I discovered ChaBones Steakhouse in Lake Havasu City, we couldn’t wait to try it out!

I honestly wish we had never tried ChaBones. That is because, months later, I still crave this place on a weekly basis. The food was so amazing – and not just”so amazing for the river“. So amazing in general (in fact, they were voted one of the top 10 restaurants in the entire state of Arizona).

Let’s start with the bread. This isn’t any gratuitous bread basket. ChaBones makes their own garlic dip that they serve with the bread, and they’re proud of it. If I could drown myself in this garlic dip, I would.

ChaBones features a long, long list of tapas, and we just couldn’t decide on one. So we ordered a few as starters. We absolutely loved the arancini balls, topped with spicy marinara. We also loved the breaded and deep-fried asparagus and cranberry aioli. Sean was in taste bud heaven with his Scallops Bienville.

Here we made a crucial error by ordering even more food. I was craving spaghetti, so I ordered the tomato and basil angel hair pasta. But I was also craving salad, so I ordered a side Caesar salad. I could have easily done without either of these items, after such filling starters. And once the entrees arrived, they were so delicious that I ate them anyway, despite being on the verge of bursting.

Sean ordered steak, and he didn’t talk to me for the entire duration of the meal. He was literally savoring every single bite of the steak. I think he cried a little.

I really want to go back to ChaBones, but I don’t want to gain 50 pounds in one sitting “maybe after the wedding?”!

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