Shameless Foodie: Espad’n Temecula

I’m always down to try new and different Mexican restaurants. After a year of living in Canyon Lake, I’m surprised I hadn’t been to Espad’n yet. This restaurant in Old Town Temecula boasts an “eclectic menu” of traditional dishes that originate from different regions throughout Mexico. The menu details where each dish is inspired from, so you get a cultural and culinary lesson at dinner!

The best part about Espadin is that they are dog-friendly! Their outdoor patio was the perfect place to take Marshmallow to a nice Sunday lunch.

Sean and I started with strawberry margaritas – unfortunately, not blended – and some delicious chips and salsa.

We were in an enchilada mood, so I opted for cheese quesadillas with Oaxaca, Queso Fresco and salsa roja. Sean substituted the red enchilada sauce for his favorite sauce, Mole.

The food was so delicious! However, it should come with a White People Warning that it is incredibly spicy! I was chugging water like nobody’s business from the enchilada sauce and the pinto beans. The rice was the only thing that wasn’t super spicy, but it was delicious. It was the first thing we ate, even before touching our enchiladas!

Marsh enjoyed his shredded chicken, which our server graciously washed the spices off. He also loved getting lots of attention and love from the servers and other diners on the patio!

If you’re looking for an authentic Mexican food experience (and have a bottle of Tums in your bag), definitely check out Espad’n!

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