Shameless Foodie: Huckleberry

Huckleberry is one of those amazing cafes that you always enjoy going to, but never remember when you’re really hungry and trying to decide where to eat. Maybe that’s because, on Wilshire and 10th in Santa Monica a little bit away from the Downtown Santa Monica/Third Street Promenade hustle and bustle, it’s easy to forget about it. Or the out of sight out of mind concept. But I NEED to start going there more often, and I’ll tell you why.


An employee of mine and I took a walk to lunch the other week and ended up at Huckleberry. As vegetarians, we were absolutely delighted by the selection for vegetarians and vegans. You can order from the restaurant/cafe, or choose something pre-made in the display case. There’s also a little coffee shop and bakery attached with so many yummy treats!

The prices are high, but so is the quality, so it’s not an everyday kind of place but a good treat.


I ordered the caprese sandwich, which is one of my favorite foods. I wanted to be more exciting and adventurous, but then I saw that the sandwich came on fresh ciabatta bread and I just couldn’t say no. The sandwich was huge, and also had pesto. I devoured it.


I really really wanted a side of the pesto pasta salad. But seeing that my meal contained both pesto AND pretty much a whole loaf of carbs, I decided to go healthier and order the green beans with cherry tomatoes, walnuts and a hazelnut spread. I’m REALLY not a fan of green beans, or any vegetables that are served cold, but the hazelnut sauce made the green beans surprisingly edible. Both my taste buds and my arteries were pleased.
Huckleberry can get extremely crowded, so be prepared for long lines. But if you have time for a leisurely lunch, I definitely recommend it!

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