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The right piece of jewelry can take an outfit from “blah” to “beautiful“. Too often I am running late, and head out the door without putting on a piece of jewelry. Here I am, with a super-cute outfit and killer shoes to match, but it all just looks plain. One or two pieces of jewelry are necessary for tying an outfit all together.

But, much like fashion itself, jewelry trends change with the tides and the seasons (and often, even the week). It can be hard to keep up. Not to mention that the sheer number of pieces you need – gold necklace with long chain, gold necklace with medium chain, gold necklace with short chain, and repeat in silver) is overwhelming.

My new haul.

I love cute, affordable jewelry and Aqua Kiwi has it. This new online boutique, based here in LA, has cute and trendy necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

My favorite piece is definitely this gold bird necklace. I love birds, but they can be pretty stereotypical on a necklace. This necklace caught my eye, though, because the dove is off to the side, flying off the chain, instead of dangling down from the middle. It has a whimsical vibe evocative of freedom and peace.

I’m also obsessed with this leather infinity bracelet. It’s both fun and simple. The infinity symbol is a classic, and there’s nothing like a leather band. But the light blue color and double-band style adds a new touch to this time-honored piece.

I also tried out some chokers. I’ve never been much of a choker person, but I decided to try out this black lace choker and black and silver leather choker. I got so many compliments from my coworkers, and I felt like they really jazzed up my outfit. beyond a typical necklace.

Next up in jewelry trends, I’m coveting wrap-around bracelet cuffs, like the gold plated arrow bracelet and the gold plated turquoise cuff bracelet. I’m also loving the layered necklace trend, like this multi-layer long necklace.

Right now, Aqua Kiwi is offering 15% off all orders with code “SPRING” and free shipping on all orders.

What are your favorite pieces on the Aqua Kiwi site right now? Let me know in the comments!

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