A+ Accessory: JORD Wooden Watch

Here is where I let you all in on a dirty little secret of mine: I don’t know how to tell time! I know. I went to school. They taught me how to read analog clocks there. It didn’t really click or stick. If the time is super obvious, I can totally figure it out. But when the hands are close, I have serious trouble and I often guess wrong.
Plus, now that we’re all glued to our smartphones, where we can check the time with just one click, tap or swipe, wearing a clock on your wrist is no longer necessary, and is actually redundant.
So, why wear a watch? Because they’re so freaking cool, that’s why.

Mens Wooden Watches

Watches are so timeless (haha) and classic. They evoke endless sophistication. Adults wear watches. Men put one on before an important business meeting. Women wear them to look polished. They were preppy with polos and shorts in the 70s. They’re high-tech with tons of nobs and functions for modern tech startup hipsters. They’re whatever you want them to be.
But, usually, they all kinda look the same. Which is why I’ve never really been a big watch person. I usually feel like, if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.
That’s why I was so intrigued to discover JORD custom wooden watches. For one, they’re made out of wood. That already makes them a) unique and b) super cool. I love wood. Second of all, they have tons of different shapes and styles, including different types of wood and colors of face, to choose from. Third, they are custom-sized to your wrist. Fourth, they’re made here in the USA (in St. Louis, Missouri, actually).
After hours of agonizing over the perfect watch to get, I decided on the Frankie watch in zebrawood with a champagne face. I felt like this wood was funky and stood out, but could still match with everything in my closet. And although I loved the bright pink and shocking blue watch faces, the champagne is such a classic look.
My new timepiece arrived in a super-cool wooden box with the JORD logo burned into it. When I opened up the box (a great keepsake, btw), I was greeted by the sight of my new watch on a JORD pillow. Presumably the pillow is to keep the watch nice / prevent it from scratching itself, and not to allow it to sleep well during the shipping process. It also came with a cloth to wipe down the watch, instructions and a few extra links and screws in case you need to enlarge the watch.
The clasp on the watch is fun – two parts come together and snap – and makes it easy to put the watch on and take it off yourself (living alone is often difficult when it comes to jewelry).
I’ve been wearing my JORD watch everywhere and getting so many compliments on it! I wear it to country concerts with my flannels and cowboy boots. I wear it with pretty florals to up the nature ante and add some edge. I wear it with a button-down to work for some extra sophistication and professionalism. I wear it anytime, anywhere.
The best part about my new watch is that I get to share it all with YOU! JORD has so kindly partnered with me in a GIVEAWAY.
Just click HERE and you can enter to win $75 toward a handsome new watch of your own. Plus, everyone who enters the giveaway walks away with a $20 gift certificate, so everyone is a winner!
Good luck!”

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