A+ Accessory: Karen London Jewelry

As I get older, I’ve realized that a good piece of jewelry goes a long way. At age 25, nearing 26, it’s clear that I need to invest in quality designer handbags and nice, real jewelry, especially in professional settings. For me, that’s investing in some Tiffany’s pieces (and getting Tiffany’s for gifts). However, the sterling silver only provides one look. I started looking out for the perfect real gold (but affordable) necklace.

I came across Karen London in a Rocksbox email. If you haven’t tried out Rocksbox, you NEED to (it’s a $19/month jewelry subscription box, and every month you get discounts on purchasing the jewelry).

They’ve been adding new jewelry brands over the months, and this month was Karen London. I’d never heard of the brand, but I wanted pretty much every piece in the email newsletter.

After days and days and hours upon hours of browsing the website, I finally decided on a necklace. The Credence necklace in Lapis features three small stones – turquoise, lapis and moonstone – on a 16- 24-karat gold plated chain.

I chose this one for the gorgeous variety of blue stones. The gemstones are rough and uneven, like they would be in nature. And they’re small enough to make a subtle statement and not completely overwhelm an outfit.

I love the piece and can’t wait to try out more – especially these rings with funky shapes.

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