Best of Beauty: Giggo Electric Toothbrush

I’ve never owned an electric toothbrush. I see people around me (like my boyfriend) who hate using “normal” toothbrushes because they love their electric ones. I’ve just never seen the point of buying an electric toothbrush to do what you can just easily do yourself.

But the Giggo 360 electric toothbrush is different. This electric toothbrush rotates 360 degrees, and has little bristles that get in between teeth. Giggo likens this to brushing and flossing at the same time.

You can really see how it works if you look in the mirror. Push the upper button when you’re brushing your upper teeth. You can see the rotating head pushing toothpaste foam between your teeth and up toward your gums. Push the lower button when you’re brushing your bottom teeth and you see the same thing. (The middle button is on/off).

The toothbrush makes a big mess – toothpaste and foam goes everywhere – but it really is effective. My teeth feel super-clean after I use it. And I never learned to floss – I know, I know, cue the lecture – but I feel so much better about my dental health knowing that these bristles get in between my teeth similar to floss.

Giggo is also super high-tech – it charges with a USB and everything.

Have you tried this toothbrush? Do you prefer electric toothbrushes or manual toothbrushes? Let me know in the comments!

Disclosure: I received this product complimentary for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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