A+ Accessory: Sophie Harper Pav Triangle Necklace

Statement jewelry is really having its moment right now. But there’s also something to be said for the simple, classic pieces when you don’t want your jewelry to be the focus of your outfit.

2015-11-09 18.20.03

I received this silver Sophie Harper Pav triangle necklace in one of my Rocksbox sets. I liked it because it was silver and simple. The triangle is blinged-out, but the jewels are so tiny that it has a subtle effect. The short chain means it hits before your shirt’s collar line, keeping the jewelry separate from the outfit.

2015-11-10 04.36.07

Unfortunately, when you put this necklace on yourself, the way the clasp lines up means it will go on backwards! The triangle/arrow is only decorated on one side – and that side always ends up against your chest! It was so difficult to figure out how to turn it around that I just gave up and wore it backwards.

2015-11-09 18.20.22

I wore this necklace with fun patterns, but I also liked wearing it with plain black. That really emphasized the simplicity of the design.

2015-11-10 04.36.40

Do you prefer statement jewelry or low-key jewelry? Let me know in the comments!

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