A+ Accessory: Vanessa Mooney “The Fates” Cuff

I always look longingly at girls who wear cuffs as jewelry, whether on the street or on the numerous fashion accounts I follow on Instagram. Cuffs seem so cool – so edgy, such a statement – but they have always intimidated me.

Rocksbox Vanessa Mooney Cuff 1

So when I received this Vanessa Mooney “The Fates” cuff in my second Rocksbox set, I was super excited but also a little unsure how to pull it off.

Rocksbox Vanessa Mooney Cuff 2

I love how this cuff makes a bold statement, but at the same time isn’t too flashy. The black diamond shape is bold, but the little studs around the edges aren’t shiny, aren’t rhinestones, aren’t glittery – they’re just matte. I felt like with a search through my closet, I would be able to find a way to make it work!

Rocksbox Vanessa Mooney Cuff 3
With my Wanderlust + Co. ring, also from Rocksbox


One way I did this is by making the rest of my outfit darker, duller and more neutral. This gray fitted tank top from H&M pairs well with this high-waisted navy maxi skirt, also from H&M. The dark colors mesh perfectly with the black and silver of the cuff, and makes it so that the cuff is the focal point of the outfit.

Rocksbox Vanessa Mooney Cuff 4

I also decided to play up the edge factor when I went to go see Chromeo at the Santa Barbara Bowl! I wore my Vanessa Mooney cuff with a white H&M tank top, dark Forever 21 skinny jeans and a blue patterned scarf I borrowed from my friend. Here is my cuff rocking out to the sweet disco tunes of Chromeo:

Rocksbox Vanessa Mooney Cuff sb bowl

How do you let edgy accessories be the focal point of your outfits, without overwhelming them? Let me know in the comments!

Disclosure: I received a free 3-month subscription to Rocksbox. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Hello! I am wondering if I could purchase this bracelet from you! I have had mine for years and it just got run over and I am desperate to replace it!

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