Best of Beauty: Irresistible Me Hairstyles!

If you caught my last post on Irresistible Me hair extensions, you know that I’ve been rocking my new hair extensions and loving the extra length and volume!

No matter how hard I try – biotin supplements, reducing heat styling, expensive salon conditioner, etc. – my hair just. Won’t. Grow. In fact, the “before” length shown below is the longest my hair has EVER been? sad, I know.

So clearly I needed some professional help.

I’ll spare you the raving about Irresistible Meyou can read my rave review here – and cut to the results!

I’m a hair and makeup n00b so I was afraid to even try hair extensions. I figured they’d be difficult to put in, harder to style and even more difficult to hide – and no one wants to be the girl walking around with her weave showing amirite.

They’re surprisingly easy to style, though! They blend pretty well with my natural hair. I can wear them straight:

Or curly:

Or in a ponytail! The ponytail is trickier to hide the clips. What I do is make sure the sides of my hair drape down to my ears, then I bobby pin the ends of my hair in place. That keeps the hair from moving around and exposing the clips underneath.

I think the hair extensions look most natural when I curl my hair. That way, I’m able to seamlessly blend the two hair lengths together into curls. Plus, long curly hair has always been my dream!

Next, I’m planning to experiment with the”some up some down? hairstyle and maybe with a bun/updo. What hairstyle do you want to see me try next with my Irresistible Me extensions? Let me know in the comments!

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