Best of Beauty: SinfulColors Nail Polish

There’s no easier way to change your look than by switching up your nail polish. Looking down at your nails during the day can lead to either a decrease in confidence when you see those chewed-up, chipped nails (this is me), or a major boost in confidence when your polish is on point. You just feel crisp and clean.

Because I’m not really into beauty, and I hate taking time to do my nails, hair and makeup, I usually keep to a mauvey-pink Sally Hansen nail polish color for my hands. It goes on super-easy, dries instantly and is in a color that goes with practically anything.

2015-12-09 21.29.03

However, when I received this bright red SinfulColors nail polish in my newest Influenster VoxBox set, I was super intrigued. I remembered the days back in high school when every night I would paint my nails a new color to match my outfit for the following day. Literally EVERY NIGHT. Even bright orange was not off-limits and my nail polish collection was insane.

Now that I have no time and no semblance of a nighttime routine (#PRLife), I stick to what’s fast and easy. That’s what I loved about the SinfulColors nail polish. It comes with a top coat, to make your manicure last longer. I abuse my hands and nails and my Sally Hansen usually chips in a day or less, but with the SinfulColors, I only had to apply twice a week – revolutionary!

First you apply one coat:

First Coat

Then a second coat:

Second Coat

Then the top coat. Voila. It takes more time than a fast-dry polish, but it does last significantly longer.

Top Coat

I really liked how vibrant the shades are. This bright red was perfect for all my holiday parties. I saw that other Influensters received a decadent bright blue in their VoxBoxes. All the colors are so rich. I’d love to check out the others!

2015-12-09 21.30.59

Disclosure: I received these products complimentary for testing purposes. All opinions are my own.

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