Best of Beauty: Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is one of those chores that just sucks. You pay $50+ for Crest Whitestrips, and those things slide off your teeth and get a sticky mess everywhere. You go to the dentist, only to find out it wasn’t covered by your insurance, and now you’re hit with a massive bill.

So the idea of custom-made trays that fit YOUR teeth and your teeth alone really appealed to me.

Smile Brilliant is one such company that is seeking to make teeth whitening less of a chore. In fact, it’s so not a chore that you don’t even have to leave your house for any step of the process! You simply go online and order a kit. They’ll mail you everything you need to create your own custom trays at home. You make them and mail them. Within about a week your finalized trays are mailed back to you, along with whitening gel and desensitizing gel, and you’re ready to go!

As someone who is super reluctant to leave her house Monday – Thursday, this at-home process was music to my ears. I couldn’t wait to get started!

First, you have to make your trays. You get three tins of base paste and three tins of catalyst paste. You only need two of each, but Smile Brilliant is kind enough to provide extra in case you make a mistake (this was comforting to me, since I’ve never done this before!).

Simply mix the base paste and catalyst paste together in your hands:

Put them in the teeth molds:

Press your teeth against the clay and hold!

Now, mail them back and wait.

Smile Brilliant’s labs make the finalized molds from the paste. They mail them back to you in about a week in a handy dandy case. And you’re ready to go!

It was crazy to see my finished molds. They fit my teeth PERFECTLY. I was really surprised that the “bite-in-clay” method was so effective, but they really do fit my teeth perfectly.

I’ve been whitening my teeth (slowly but surely, since my teeth are SUPER sensitive). I’ll update you guys with my awesome “before & after” pics when I’m done!

Find out more on the trays here.

Here is a handy video that will show you how Smile Brilliant works.

Do you prefer at-home teeth whitening kits, or getting it over with at the dentist? Let me know in the comments, and do some research HERE before you start!”

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