Best of Beauty: YORZ Razor Wraps

I’m a HUGE fashionista, but hair and makeup are really difficult for me. I need all the help I can get to increase my skill levels and efficiency with both! But you can’t get dressed, curl your hair or apply makeup until you shower.
I HATE showers. I love that fresh clean feeling, and having silky-smooth legs post-shaving. But I HATE being wet. It’s hilarious. My alter ego is a cat, and my aversion to water of any sort – shower, rain, swimming pool, etc. is fitting.
This, and the fact that I cherish sleep and don’t want to wake up any earlier than I have to in the morning to get ready for work, mean that I need to increase my shower efficiency and decrease my total showering time (TST for scientific accuracy LOL).
I use disposable razors, rather than super-fancy close-cutting razors, because my skin is SO incredibly sensitive. If I re-use a razor even once, my skin will break out into a horrible rash. I spent years going to dermatologist after dermatologist and was diagnosed with every skin infection in the book, only to take multiple rounds of antibiotics to no avail. It took me years to discover that I don’t have, and never did have, any skin disease. What I have is sensitive skin.
Basically, if I reuse a razor, the clogged hair / skin / oils / body wash / whatever irritate my skin the next time and cause me to break out. To solve this problem, I buy disposable razors and use a new one each time I shower. The only problem is that disposable razors are NOT a life of luxury. They are cheap because they are cheaply made. The handles are terrible and have no grip when they are wet (aka when you SHOWER). I spend so much time cutting and nicking myself and bleeding all over because I lose my grip on the handle. Or cutting my feet open when I inevitably drop the razor 5x per shower.
When I found out about YORZ Razor Wraps, I knew this was the long-awaited solution to my problem. Because I use 365 razors a year, buying 365 new nice razors is not feasible. BUT wrapping my already existing disposable razors in colorful efficient grips IS.
YORZ razor wraps are a great idea. If you’ve ever lost your grip while shaving or dropped your razor in the shower, you know how infuriating it can be. These rubber grips allow you to hold on to your razor for the entire duration of your shower.
They also have many other handy uses. If you have a small shower like I do, finding places to store all your things is really difficult. If you don’t have a soap dish, where do you put your razor? Not in your shower caddy, because even a small breeze will cause it to fall between the rungs of your shower caddy and fall to the floor.
YORZ razor wraps have handy little hooks on them. Hang the hook over the side of a shelf or a soap dish/tray. Or hang it on the little peg of your shower caddy like I did. No more scrambling to juggle your razor while you’re doing unrelated things in the shower, like washing your hair.
YORZ is also great for women who live with roommates. If you share a shower with other women, remembering whose razors are who’s can get complicated quickly. Razors are known to carry tons of super gross diseases, including hepatitis and even HIV. It’s best to never ever share your razor with anyone else. Choosing a color of YORZ razor wrap will help you differentiate your razor from your roommates’. It will also make your boyfriend or husband or male roommate happy when you stop stealing his SUPER NICE male razor.
YORZ is made of antimicrobial silicone to keep bacteria at bay and allow you to reuse them. It’ll set you back only $4.99 and comes with free shipping.
Disclosure: I received this product complimentary for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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