Diaries of a Domestic Diva: Junior Edition!

The days are getting longer and the kiddies are getting out of school. What will they do with their summer vacations?? Will they go to the beach? Go on a family vacation? Hang out with their friends by the pool?

I miss the days of summer vacation, when I could sleep in, indulge in my creative hobbies and soak up the sun. But the best part was always getting to wear whatever I wanted. I could stay in my pajamas all day, or wear spaghetti straps (less than 2 inches?? scandal). Bikinis were acceptable, as were short-shorts and open-toed sandals.


School dress codes are the worst (not to mention that they’re inherently sexist and contribute to rape culture but that’s a different story for a different day). That’s why, when my best friend and I asked her 6-year-old daughter Cambria what she would wear for summer if she didn’t have to worry about a school dress code, she immediately broke out these adorable gold gladiator sandals. Next, she styled these two adorable outfits. If you’re wondering what those crazy kids are into these days, check out Cambria in her debut post for Diaries of a Domestic Diva: Junior Edition!


You gotta have clothes you can move in
You gotta have clothes you can move in.

Cambria loved these white lace shorts. When paired with a mustard yellow tank top, the combination of a bright color and crisp white just screamed”summer!” Throw on a denim jacket and you’ve got a school-appropriate look that also keeps you warm as the summer day transitions into a chilly night.



We call this look "The Grudge."
We call this look “The Grudge”.

There’s more lace on this next outfit, a loose striped top with lace shoulders and lace on the back. Cambria paired the top with pink cuffed shorts, which perfectly complimented the shade of pink in the top. The icing on the cake? Her mom’s gold locket necklace, which emphasized the gold gladiator sandals.

What do you think of our very first Junior blog? Let me know in the comments!

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