Fun Weekend Ideas Friday: AMC Dine-In Theatres

When my boyfriend Ramsay and I wanted to go see Sex Tape (the movie with Cameron Diaz and Jason Segal, duh, get your mind out of the gutter), I Googled movie theatres around our new neighborhood. When “AMC Dine-In Theatres Marina del Rey” came up, I was super intrigued. What the heck is a dine-in theatre??

Ramsay is intrigued too
Ramsay is intrigued too.

Well, it turns out that a dine-in theatre is the coolest invention known to man. Basically, this AMC theatre has giant red adjustable recliners, and each one has a built-in table that swings in and out to the side. You also get several menus and a “call button” at your seat, so literally ANY TIME before or during the movie you can press the button and a waiter will bring you WHATEVER YOU WANT. I’m not kidding. Beer, French fries, pizza, salad, cheesecake, burgers, candy, popcorn, wine, coffee. Anything. It is like watching a movie in the comfort of your own home, only you get to go on an outing, you get to see the movie on a big screen before it hits Netflix and SOMEONE LITERALLY WAITS ON YOU. Oh yeah, and the ticket prices are the same as any other theatre, and cheaper than our old theatre, Regal Cinemas at LA Live. Can you tell I love this whole concept??

Huge comfy recliners.
Huge comfy recliners.

The theatres are on the smaller side as the recliners and tables are so darn big. This is great for me as I hate big crowds. We walked in and were immediately carded – no one under 21 can even enter this theatre. Which is strange, since they card you whenever you order a drink too, but whatever.

As we took our seats, we picked up the menus. We hadn’t eaten dinner, so we opted more for meals than for snacks. I ordered the wedge salad with ranch dressing and a cup of chamomile tea woooo ragggeee (I was sick). Ramsay ordered the mushroom burger with Parmesan truffle fries and a beer. Our food was really good! It came really quickly. My salad was a wedge salad, so it came in three separate heads of lettuce. Super annoying to the other movie-goers whenever my knife would loudly hit my plate as I tried to cut it up, but it was very good. They also brought me stacks on stacks of ranch dressing, and I like that. Ramsay enjoyed his burger and beer.

Just push the button
Just push the button.

I ordered New York cheesecake for dessert, and they timed it perfectly so that it came out in the middle of the movie, after I’d finished eating dinner and after I’d digested a little bit. All you have to do is swing your tray out to the side in the wide aisle, and a waiter will see it and come clear your plates. The whole experience was so streamlined, I was really amazed.

My only complaint is the prices. They charged me $8 for 2 teas, which was a mug of hot water and 2 Tazo tea bags. I could literally buy 2 PACKS of Tazo tea at Ralph’s for that price. Also, everything adds up really quickly. A $10 salad sounds like a great idea, until you also get a burger and fries and cheesecake and 2 beers and 2 teas. $60 for that was a little more than I had expected. In the future, I’ll definitely come back here, but eat dinner first, and stick to ordering drinks and appetizers. And even if you’re not hungry, just the sheer upscale atmosphere and luxurious recliners is a reason to go.



Disclosure: This post is not associated with AMC Dine-In Theatres in any way. I received no compensation for this post, and I paid for my own visit.


I had a blast!!!!!
I had a blast!!!!!

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