Fun Weekend Ideas Friday: Good Times at Davey Wayne’s

It’s not often that I will venture out to Hollywood (NOT my scene), but when there’s a 70s dive bar that you can only enter through a fridge door and that serves cocktails in #1 Dad coffee mugs, I just might make the journey.

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I first went to Good Times at Davey Wayne’s for a friend’s birthday celebration, and have been back since. They were two VERY different experiences! The first time was at night on a Saturday, and the service was SO incredibly rude. The outside bar is cash only, and they don’t advertise that. They only serve beer in bottles and cans, no draft. But they have a large selection of beer, placed up on a high shelf at the outside bar. It’s really hard to tell what beers are being offered, especially for someone with poor eyesight like me. When I asked the bartender which beers they had, he didn’t say anything, just pointed behind him at the beer that is REALLY HARD TO SEE. I told him I couldn’t see, and he sighed and recited them. It was so incredibly rude. When he finally did get me a drink, I didn’t tip because I was so insulted – I had been really nice and didn’t deserve that treatment. He then had the nerve to tell me”I make a living off tips”. Well, I’m sorry that Good Times doesn’t pay you very much, but tips are for people who provide good service and are nice (I’m a GREAT tipper), and to guilt someone you were just rude to into tipping you because you have bills is really uncalled for. So it put a damper on the entire night.

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Next I went back for happy hour and it was a totally different experience. Not only are the prices super low, but the bar took credit card, the bartenders were friendly and experienced, and the crowd was much more low-key and normal. I felt like a welcome customer and all the people who worked there were super nice. We stayed a while and had a good time.

Good Times 1

I would definitely recommend checking out this bar if you’re in the area. But maybe go for happy hour during the week instead of on the weekend, when nice bartenders are on duty, not the angry and bitter washed-up actors you find on a Saturday night apparently.

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