Get Festival Ready: Gold Eye Black

Flash tattoos, temporary tattoos in shiny shades of gold and silver designed to look like real jewelry, really had their moment for about a year. You saw them everywhere – accenting bikinis at the beach, decorating eveningwear at formal work events, on the wrists of your little niece and your boss alike. Seriously, they were everywhere. Now they’ve kind of fizzled out. After all, we’re all a little tired of seeing that silver chain around your wrist that doesn’t quite connect even though you tried your best to apply it.

However, that doesn’t mean that metallic temporary tattoos have to go away for good. Rather, they should just take a different form.

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Gold Eye Black is one cool way to use temporary gold “flash” tattoos and not make yourself look SO 2015. These temporary tattoos are designed to look like the sun-shielding eye black that college and professional football players wear out on the field, only they’re gold and shiny and girly and probably don’t really protect you from the sun – but hey at least you look cute.


I sported a pair of Gold Eye Black at my family’s Super Bowl party back in January. I looked super cute supporting my team, the Denver Broncos!

Now I’m breaking them back out again in preparation for the annual USC Spring Game, in which the USC offense and defense scrimmage against each other during a lovely spring day at the Coliseum. The event gears up alumni for the upcoming football season. The only problem is that it’s usually super hot with no shade in the Coliseum, so let’s hope this eye black works!

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The tattoos last 3-5 days and are waterproof, so they’re perfect for the summer music festival season. You can use them as accessories for Coachella, Stagecoach, Country Thunder, Bonnaroo, Splash House, the whole shebang. Not to mention when football season finally rolls back around!

But my favorite thing about Gold Eye Black is that all the products are made in America and distributed by a veteran-owned company. After all, the only thing more American than football is supporting your fellow countrymen (and especially servicemen) in business.

2016-04-07 00.17.53

If sports just aren’t your thing, you can also purchase gold flash tattoos that are designed by real tattoo artists, so they don’t look fake and childish, from Stay Gold Tattoos.

Disclosure: I received free Gold Eye Black for testing purposes. I received no other compensation. All opinions are my own.

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