Fun Weekend Ideas Friday: Rick’s Tavern

When people ask me what my favorite bar is, I have no hesitation when I answer Rick’s Tavern on Main Street in Santa Monica. I’m the type of person who loves swanky rooftop bars and dance floors, and despises dive bars. Yet for some reason, the small, brightly-lit, casual neighborhood pub that is Rick’s gets me every single time.

Photo courtesy Rick's Tavern
Photo courtesy Rick’s Tavern

Rick’s has a great selection of beers on draft with reasonable prices. It’s conveniently located next to all the other bars on Main Street – across the street from Areal, close to Ashland Hill and Library Alehouse, walking distance to the Victorian, Finn McCool’s, O’Brien’s, Pink Elephant and Circle Bar.


I love Rick’s because of the people. The brightly-lit room inspires people to actually look at and talk to each other. I’ve met friends and dates here, because not only is everyone generally pretty friendly, but it’s not so loud that you can’t actually hold a conversation.


The bartenders are also friendly and are the kind of person who will have a drink or shot with you while chatting. Apparently they also have pretty good pub food, but I’m always there too late/preoccupied with drinking to order any.

Well, now I’m craving a visit to Rick’s so I’ll cut this post short. See you there.

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